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It’ll Be Your Most Profitable Day Or Your Money Back!

“When I first started with AdSkills I was a one-man-shop working or a modest fee. Now I’m running an agency managing millions for my clients, delivering great results, and getting paid very well. – Joakim Hansson

Dear Agency Owner,

Imagine in just one day you had all your marketing planned out. Your lead gen, ad campaigns, email sequences, weekly social media & content pieces all ready to go.

When you’re ready for more clients, just click “unpause,” and you’ve got sales pumping in.

Don’t stop there, because we’ll also reverse engineer your top 5 competitors full marketing strategy. Then we’ll get you your first 100 leads. Finally, we’ll engineer your sales pipeline so that new clients are coming in as predictably as the sun will rise tomorrow.

All of this done in 1 day, and you profit all year long.

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s what one of my last power day clients said…


“I took a chance on a power day with Justin. It was so crammed with value that I had to ask him if I could work with him for a full year. I’m now on my second year and I just do whatever he says. Retaining Justin Brooke for a full year is easily the best money I spend all year.”
— Nate Kennedy,

How Is This Possible?

We’ve done dozens of these power days. Here’s how it works…

Starting at 8am (eastern) you’ll login to our Zoom workshop room. The work starts immediately, first with the research tasks.

  • Reverse engineering the most successful ad agencies of today
  • Which niches have the best clients
  • What are the current trends and hot buttons
  • How to become the hunted instead of the hunter
  • The best lead magnets to use
  • 7 emails every agency should have setup in their auto responder

Together we will be filling a Google Drive folder full of material to deploy all year round.

By 10am we take a short bathroom break. Then it’s right into the writing tasks. Together we will be coming up with your retargeting ad copy, branding ad copy, and your lead gen ad copy. As well as your email sequence, social media, & content marketing.

Don’t worry if your social media game is weak so far, we will show you the same method I used to convince millionaires to be FB friends with me. And how I got my blog posts read by thousands, long before I had thousands of followers.

Dozens of clients have been through this power day with me. They are now some of the biggest names in the business.

We break for lunch around 12:30 to 1:30.

After lunch, we are going to get your ad campaigns written, designed, and setup in the ad network. Remember, the goal is to walk away from this with assets ready to deploy immediately.

Finally, at the end of the day we are going help you create a case study that makes clients want to pay you top dollar. Then we are going to install a “2 step sales process” that filters out bad clients and gets the easy clients asking you where to pay.

WARNING! I hate sales calls. If you are hoping this is going to be like those guru funnels where people apply for a free coaching call that’s actually a sales pitch, that’s not this at all.

The sales process I’ll help you install is a simple process that needs one low cost assistant and you only talk to people who are already interested in signing up. Same easy process Karate schools use to get parents to pay without requiring a greasy “closer” chasing them down the parking lot.

We will end the day around 4-5pm depending on how fast everyone moves.

If you can’t handle a full day, please don’t sign up. If you can’t work undistracted, please don’t sign up.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s all done in one day.

You’ll Be Bragging To Your Business Buddies When You See The Results From Everything We Setup In Your Power Day

You will walk away from this day with a full 360 degree marketing strategy.

This includes your paid ads, social media, content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, tracking, sales pipeline, and a minimum of 100 new hot leads to follow up with.

2021 Power Day Details

Date: Thursday December 2, 2021
Time: 8am – 5pm Eastern

  • 8 am Kick off with reverse engineering the most successful ad agencies of today and the current trends and hot buttons
  • 10am Short break – then we dive into writing your retargeting ad copy, branding ad copy, and your lead gen ad copy as well as your email sequence, social media, & content marketing.
  • Break for lunch around 12:30
  • 1:30 pm Get your ad campaigns written, designed, and setup in the ad network. Remember, the goal is to walk away from this with assets ready to deploy immediately.
  • 3:30 pm We’ll end the day creating a case study that makes clients want to pay you top dollar.


Why Hire Me?

“The Traffic Guy Millionaires Hire”



I got started with just $60 in Adwords in 2007.

Within a year I turned that $60 into 6 figures. I then built and sold two more successful web businesses by 2010.
After selling my 2nd business, I spent some time consulting in the infomercial space.

My client list includes GKIC (Dan Kennedy, Agora, MarineD3, Snuggie, John Rowley, Rich Schefren, Russell Brunson, Ed Okeefe, Food4Patriots, and many many more.

My reputation and results has made me one of the highest paid, most sought after, online media buyers in the world.

Ask Around About Me, Google Me, You’ll See That You Are In Good Hands

“Justin designed campaigns for us that brought in 14,000+ sales and helped us navigate compliance issues”

— Fernando Cruz,

How Much Is Your Best Day Worth?

If you hired a typical online business coach for an hour it’s around $1,000/hr. If you hired a copywriter it also would cost thousands.

If you hired a paid ads guy, that too would cost thousands.

You’re getting all of this and more, finished in one crazy packed day, all for just $998.

No upsell.

No 3 payments.

That’s it, just $998 for access to the Zoom workshop where you’ll be working together with me and other top agencies from around the world.

Why so cheap?

Normally I sell these for $15,000 for the day when it’s 1 on 1. Also my clients are millionaires so that’s not a lot of money to them, not with all they get in return.

But with this power day we are doing it in a group. Which I’m capping at 100 and I know some of you could never afford $15k. Since it’s a group I can charge you less and still make more.

That’s why only $998 for a whole day with me.

But Wait There’s More…

I want to teach you how I sell these power days to clients. My first one I was scared so I only charged $5,000 for the day. It sold so fast I immediately raised the price to $8,000 for the next one.

By my 5th power day I had testimonials and was able to charge $15k for the day. I also used to rent them a limo and have them picked up at the airport (easy when they are paying you $15k and helps sell the deal).

I’ll teach you all of this.

So you can sell your own power days. I’ll show you how it all works. The best places to host your meetings. The equipment you’ll need. Even how to structure the day and what to talk about.

I’ll show you everything.

Get just one power day client for this and it’ll pay back the cost of your power day with me.

This bonus is free for those first 100 agencies who sign up today.

Plus, I’ll also record our day together. That way you have all 8 hours and can go through it year after year to plan out all your marketing.

I’m so confident you’ll love this that I’m even willing to offer a full money back guarantee.

Sign up for our day together and if by lunch time you aren’t in love with the work we are doing, no worries, just tell me in private and I’ll have my assistant refund your money.

I said it’s your most profitable day or your money back, and I mean that.

Limited To First 100 Agencies, Sign Up Today Before It’s Full…

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