Run Your Own
Profitable Facebook Ads

Say goodbye to out of date YouTube videos and asking strangers for help in Facebook groups only to get regurgitated answers from people who don’t even know what a Pixel is.

Ready to Run Ads but NOT
Ready for an Expensive Media Buyer?

You are not alone!  Most of us are ready to use ads LONG before we're ready to shell out thousands of dollars a month to an agency or ads manager for services on top of an advertising budget and other business expenses.

But... we still need to get started.

The problem with that is guessing and Googling.  You're asking for help in Facebook groups where you have no idea if you're getting quality information or if someone is passing along their failures. You're watching YouTube videos until your eyes are crossing, yet when you log into the Ads Manager, the interface looks nothing at all like what you just saw.

It's confusing and frustrating, to say the least.  Not to mention expensive. 

ADvisory™ gives you a comprehensive head start that will reduce the frustration of running ads, remove the guessing games, and eliminate you starting and moving forward on your own.

What's Inside ADvisory™

Module One - Getting Started

The foundation of any successful ads campaign starts with a thorough examination and understanding of your offer, your audience, and your messaging. In this foundational module, you'll get clear on your goals and create the infrastructure you need to set your campaigns up for success from the beginning.

  • How Facebook Ads fit into your Marketing Toolkit
  • Marketing 101
  • The Journey from Scroll to Sale
  • Know your Avatar
  • Magnetic Messaging
  • Having an Irresistible Offer
  • Understanding Ads and Funnels
  • Your Goals and Strategy
  • How Much Do I Need To Spend?
Module Two - Facebook Cornerstones

Now that you've got your campaign foundation nailed down, it's time to set up (or reevaluate) your Business Manager and Ads Manager so you're ready to run your campaigns the right way from the start.

  • Setting Yourself Up For Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ad Glossary
  • Setting Up Your Business Manager
  • Business Manager Tour
  • Understanding and Installing the Facebook Pixel
  • Standard Events, Custom Conversions and Custom Events
  • Domain Verification
  • Aggregated Events Set Up
  • Conversions API (CAPI)
  • Campaigns Explained
  • Ads Manager Tour
  • Facebook Ad Policies & Compliance
  • Understanding Audiences and Targeting
  • Must Have Audiences
  • Your Facebook Ad "Insurance Policy"
Module Three - Creating Ads that Convert

If your ads don't convert. nothing else matters. In this module, you'll create creatives that stop the scroll, headlines that grab attention, and copy to connect and convert your audience.  You'll also learn the elements of high converting landing pages to maximize your sales once your audience gets to your page.

  • The Anatomy of an Ad
  • Scroll Stopping Ad Creatives
  • Creating Professional Creatives
  • Writing Ad Copy to Connect and Convert
  • Ad Copy Formulas for Cold Traffic
  • Ad Copy Formulas for Warm Audiences
  • Ad Copy Formulas for Hot Audiences
  • Elements of a High Converting Landing Page
Module Four - Proven Ad Strategies

Got specific goals? If so, this module is your friend! Learn and implement highly specific ad strategies to attain your goals with each campaign. These strategies put you in the position to maximize your outcomes based on the specific goal you're trying to reach with your ads.

  • Ad Strategies to Build Your List and Make Sales
  • Ad Spend and Sales Goal Calculators
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Application Funnel
  • Two Step Funnel
  • Low Ticket Offer Funnel
  • Lead Form Campaigns
Module Five - Launch Your Ads

It's GO TIME!  No more sitting with your finger hovering over your mouse button with strained breathing and covered in a cold sweat.  Launch your ads with confidence and clarity, target your ideal clients like a pro, and pick the right campaign type every time. 

  • Confidently Launch Your Ads
  • 3 Tiers to Creating Your Ads
  • Finding and Targeting your Ideal Audience
  • Ad Formats Explained
  • Dynamic Creative Ads
  • UTM Parameters
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Zapier for Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Conversion Campaigns for Leads and Applications
  • Conversion Campaigns for Sales
  • Traffic Campaigns
  • Reach Campaigns to Nurture Your Audience
Module Six - Data Driven Decisions

Fact: data isn't really sexy - but you must know your numbers in order to evaluate the profitability of your ads, get ahead of failing campaigns, make the right tweaks in the right places, and to scale your winners.  This module will guide you through the data and help you make data-driven decisions.

  • The Truth About Split Testing
  • Tracking Results (Metrics to Measure)
  • How to Customize Columns
  • Optimize and Troubleshoot
  • Scaling Your Ads
  • Scaling with CBO and the A4 Method

Who We Are

Jody Milward

From Private Investigator to 7-Figure Agency Owner

Jody is what we call, an "accidental entrepreneur". Like many women, after having kids she didn't want to return to a 9-5 office gig. She started her first business as a Private Investigator (obvious choice, right?). After 9 years, 7 figures in revenue and much government red tape, it was time to move on and she stumbled into the Social Media and paid traffic world.

From her first client in 2014 making $12 per hour to generating over 7 figures in revenue 6 years later, she's lived and breathed digital marketing as an freelancer, sub-contractor, in-house, agency owner, consultant, speaker, educator and mentor.

Pam Carpenter

From teacher to tech To continuity queen

Pam is an accidental entrepreneur, too. After a career in correctional and public education, Pam moved on to a position as marketing director for a major real estate franchise. After watching her boss taken out of the office in handcuffs in 2009 (no kidding), she made the decision never to have another boss - without a clue what she was going to do or how to do it.

Since Googling how to build that first real estate website (seriously), Pam has built more than 400 membership websites for clients, coached hundreds of membership site owners to their first 6 figures and beyond, and helped dozens of business owners with her 360° Marketing Power Days™ by creating their marketing and ads strategies for a year from zero to done in just 8 hours.

Run Your Own Profitable Facebook Ads with


We’ve partnered with Social Charlie to bring you ADvisory™, the Facebook Ad Training program specifically designed for Coaches, Course Creators and Service Providers.

With checklists, workbooks, spreadsheets and strategies that Ad Managers drool over, it’s all here for you to take control of your Facebook Ads and grow your business with profitable Campaigns.

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ADvisory™ is a comprehensive Facebook Ads Course that will take you from zero to hero with your own Facebook ads - without expensive agency fees, the frustration of figuring it out on your own, or guessing about what works versus what's just a costly experiment.

When you enroll today, you'll get one year access to ADvisory™ with all updates (yes, this content comes with a freshness guarantee!!!) plus these amazing bonuses:

The Client Attraction Code™

The no fluff, no stress proven Facebook Ad System that you can fuel with $10 a day (or less).

The Client Attraction Code is perfect for any business who wants to increase their brand awareness and continually attract their ideal audience and stand out in the busy newsfeed every day.

Easily position yourself as the only authority in your niche and attract more clients while making a big impact with a tiny budget.

The Challenge Ads Formula™

A proven system for challenge ads that will skyrocket conversions and fill your challenge with exactly the right audience - without breaking the bank!

The Challenge Ads Formula is perfect for launching your challenge without wasting time and money guessing about how to get your right fit clients in the door.  

You don't have to have a huge budget or to be Instagram famous to make this work. Simply follow the tutorials, target your ideal clients, and get ready to run an engaging, profitable challenge that converts.

Campaign Clarity™

An easy-to-understand training on meeting your clients where they are with your marketing and paid advertising.

Nothing is more critical in your ad campaigns than understanding how to create content and creative that meets your clients where they are.

In this training, you'll learn the nuances of running traffic to top of funnel (cold audiences), middle of funnel (warm audiences) and bottom of funnel (ready to buy audiences) & how to tweak campaigns to reach your prospects where they are in the buying cycle.

Other Ad Networks

Facebook is big, but it sure isn't the only game in town. In this training, you'll learn about other ad networks, how they work, and how to access them.

There's only so much real estate (inventory) available on Facebook and the competition is fierce.  This is one reason why ads are becoming more expensive. 

In this training, you'll learn about some other ad networks and when they may be more beneficial to your business and a better application of your ad dollars than running your campaigns exclusively on Facebook.  We'll cover Native Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Display Network (GDN), and when those may be better for you.